Making your voice heard is vital for any campaign, and with the bye-laws review incoming (though being delayed regularly) it is vital that our concerns are raised with those that can have an effect.

For those in the Surrey Heath Constituency, this is our MP, Michael Gove For others areas affected, you can find your MP here.

We would also encourage to copy in some pertinent people that could or should have an impact, namely

For all communications, please ensure you are polite and professional. You will also need to proof that you are part of the constituency/parish when emailing MPs, by always including your full address.


Anniversary Email

For the anniversary of the closure, we have created a template email here in Word format. Copy and paste the below if you prefer. On the 1st April, we would encourage you to email this to Michael Gove MP ( (or your local MP), Ben Wallace MP (, Lt Col Bishop (, Councillor Mrs Marsha Moseley (, Councillor Andrew Gomm (, Councillor Jo Randall ( and Councillor Manning ( or your local representatives.

Date 1st April 2021

Subject Heading: – Reopen Ash Ranges!

Dear Mr Gove,

Today, 1st April 2021 marks ONE WHOLE YEAR since the closure of the Ash Ranges Shooting Floor. That is one whole year, 12 whole months, 365 days and THREE national lockdowns during which time the residents of Ash and Ash Vale have been denied access to this vitally important open space.

The action to close the range floor was taken by the MOD/DIO without notice and without consultation – to the severe detriment of the physical health and mental well-being of the local population particularly those with mobility issues who are not able to access the wider RDA.

You are already aware that the ‘reasons’ given by the MOD/DIO (vandalism; loss of training hours; health and safety concerns) have been proved to be without foundation and to be based on misinformation and untruths. So I will not repeat those arguments here.

But the residents of Ash have waited far too long already for this decision to be reversed and the ranges to be reopened.

The DIO/MOD has closed the range floor for no good reason, without consultation and without consideration for the serious repercussions suffered by the residents of Ash as a direct result of their actions. As one of your constituents, I call upon you:-

  • to make representations to the Secretary of State for Defence in the strongest possible terms to ensure that the DIO is brought to account for its failure to act honestly and in good faith.
  • to take whatever steps may be needed to instigate the immediate reinstatement of full, free and permanent public access to the WHOLE of Ash Ranges (when not in use for military training).
  • to provide clear assurances to your constituents that under no circumstances will our access ever be restricted again.

I await your response.

Thank you.

My full name is…….

My address is…….

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