Since 1855, the residents of Ash Vale and surrounding areas have enjoyed access to Ash Ranges when not in use for military training.

This access was suddenly revoked in April 2020 with no consultation with the local council or community, and for no viable reason. In campaigning for access to be re-established, we have discovered that similar restrictions to access and/or to parking areas have been enacted throughout Surrey and Hampshire by the MOD, again without local involvement or consultation.

The aim of our group is to restore public access to military land.

We recognise that the land is there for the army to use, and they must be able to do so securely and safely.

We also recognise that public safety is a crucial consideration. However, these goals have co-existed peacefully for the last hundred years – we want them to co-exist again.

Our primary goal is therefore to engage with the MOD in a constructive manner and reach an equitable compromise that allows both the MOD and members of the public to enjoy the benefits of the space

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