A survey was conducted in 2020 on community use of the Aldershot military lands.

Almost 11,000 residents responded to the survey (and you can find full details here).

What was immediately clear from the results is that the land is highly used and highly valued by a large proportion of residents. Preservingreasonable access will protect and enhance the mental and physical health of our communities, to the benefit of all of us. Here is how our community is benefitting from the land

79 % of residents use the Aldershot military lands at least once a week

That equates to over 59,000 hours of use per week in the community

We use the land for many different purposes:



Enjoying Nature


Family Time


Dog Walking






Wildlife Watching


We must not stand by whilst this precious resource is taken away without due process or transparency

And it means a lot to our communities – residents are united in their love of the land and the desire to access it, to care for it and to maintain respectful relationships with the military users.  Here are some of the comments from the survey:

These areas are invaluable to my mental health and personal fitness. I am acutely aware that the land is owned by the army and am always respectful of this fact.

I grew up exploring these amazing places and now get to share them with my children. Being on a tight family budget the woods are a fantastic free day out together. It has helped my mental health by getting time with nature to clear my head. My kids have learned so much about nature here, I also often enjoy bike rides with friends. Would be truly devastated if access was restricted further.

This is a resource that my parents took me to enjoy and now I can do this with my children. It’s one of the big perks of living in the area. The obesity epidemic will get worse in our area if the residents can’t access these areas

It is a great outdoors area to run, walk and just enjoy the great outdoors. I feel lucky to have these lands on my doorstep and respect the area, especially as I’m still serving I understand that it needs to be used for training, and this is respected by others using the areas.

This land has been essential to our mental health and is the only place with green space to exercise or run safely. I can’t imagine my life without access to this nature and countryside. It would be devastating. I use it daily for running and walking and being out in the air.

I have enjoyed walking on the land and always keep out of the army’s way and abided by the law for the last 25 or more years and I love the land

Featured Photo by Catarina Carvalho on Unsplash, deer photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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