MOD Police harass pensioners

Recently, we have had notification that a member of our Facebook group had a visit from the MOD Police.

To ensure their privacy, we will call them Steve.

The two officers handed Steve a letter, which we have published below. They also briefly showed a video on a mobile phone of Steve pertaining to show him walking his dog on the ranges. Steve has asked for this video, but apparently, that was not possible.

As you can see from the letter, Steve is being asked questions related to damage done to the perimeter fence. The interview is voluntary, but this whole episode stinks.

Steve is spiritly, in his mid-70s, but to blame him for damage to the fence is inconceivable. The MOD Police’s attempt to cajole Steve into attending an interview, at Guildford Police Station, is tantamount to bullying in our opinion.

Steve was also suggested by the two officers to invite a solicitor to join him at the interview. The letter states that he will be cautioned before interviewing. Both aspects would worry us all.

The cost of hiring a solicitor on its own is frightening (we know, that’s what our fundraiser is for). To suggest, for a civil matter at the very most, that he hires a solicitor for a couple of hours at least is really unbelievable.

Are you next?

The MOD Police are obviously trying to blame someone for the damage caused to the perimeter fence. They are clutching at straws to imply Steve did it, with no evidence apart from a video that they won’t share of him walking on the closed area.

We would now assume that the MOD are looking for their next victim, someone who will play ball, someone who can justify spending tax-payer money to find the culprit who damaged the fence. We all agree, any damage done to the fence is not appropriate, but surely there are better ways to question elderly, frightened members of the public than force them to attend an interview in a frightening venue and expect them to spend money to protect themselves.

Please be careful, please record any interaction with officers of the MOD or DIO. Don’t assume the MOD are playing fair anymore, as it looks like they have every intention to scare people away from the area.

How can you support us?

The only way to stop law-abiding citizens such as Steve from being harassed is to prove the actions by the MOD in closing the range floors are against the reason for the byelaws. A judicial review is the only way we can gain clarity on these rules and if they are being applied in their spirit.

We are so close to finalising our legal challenge to the closure. Please give as much or as little as you can to our Go Fund Me page.

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