We are crowdfunding to raise money to begin Judicial Review proceedings. The MOD is relying on an ambiguously worded piece of language in the original Byelaws that govern the land to justify their decision (which our legal team has advised is a misinterpretation). We are seeking to challenge this in court with a view to restoring access.

Legal proceedings can be expensive, so we are seeking financial support to make this review a reality. Please donate whatever you feel you can – every penny counts! Click here to go to our Go Fund Me page

Please note that any unused funds collected will be donated to charity (Help for Heroes)

Write To Your MP

The political pressure that has already been brought to bear is beginning to have an impact, but we need to keep it up–we need to send the strongest possible message to our elected representatives that we are unhappy with the closure and demand they take action. We’ve produced a template to send – you just need to add your name and address (to verify that you’re a constituent) and send it to your MP. Click here for an email you can send and a list of local MPs

Show Your Support with a Poster

Show you support the cause and help us raise the profile locally by putting up a poster – you can put them up in your windows at home and/or in your car. You can get one here

Report any Contact

We understand that the current MOD and Landmarc staff who work on the ranges have a job to do and we don’t want to interfere with that. However, there have been instances where members of the public walking nearby have been given false information by range staff. We are keeping a log of these instances, not to point a finger at individuals, but to show the MOD’s inconsistency as part of the legal challenge, so please let us know if you have had a conversation with range staff by using the Contact Us form

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