Commiserating a Year of No Access

On Sunday 18th April, our second formal protest was staged outside of the closed gates.

A beautiful April day, with no Army in attendance, our residents deserve to stretch their legs and thrive on the wide, flat surfaces denied to us for over a year. Instead, Save Our Spaces organised a protest on Sunday 19th April. This was later than the 1st April anniversary but due to COVID restrictions, the 18th/19th was the first weekend we could protest. It was also hastily re-arranged from the 18th, due to the respect our group has for the Duke of Edinburgh.

Over 200 residents showed their support, more than the previous protest in December, led by our own team and Rev Neil Lambert. Local politicians were also in attendance, including Nigel Manning, Jo Randall, Carla Morson and Alasdair Pinkerton. This day was recorded for posterity by ITV Meridian news as well as Guildford Dragon. Below is a selection of images from the day as well as the snip from the TV coverage.

Courtesy of ITV Meridian
Rev Neil Lambert
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